Most users can use Time & Bill in the free version. For freelancers or others who work in teams is an extension available. With that, you can easily create teams and maintain it.

If you read even more, you can book the business extensions. This extension was specifically developed for (enterprise) businesses. At the moment, the extension is still in development. So far, we don’t even have a price tag for it. That’s why you can activate it for free after you have activated the team extension.

Feature Chart

Feature Free Team Business
Create Projects X X X
Create Tasks X X X
Track work times X X X
Stopwatch tracking X X X
Express tracking X X X
Track expenses X X X
Hourly rate per project X X X
GDPR compliant X X X
Reports X X X
Export reports to Excel X X X
Create a team   X X
Show team reports   X X
Export team reports to Excel   X X
Disable time tracking after X days   X X
Prevent account deletion     X
Activate and deactivate employees     X
Monthly cost Free 6,75€ TBA


The free version is not limited. The team version costs 45 credits a month which is 6,75€ (includes german VAT). You can deduct VAT when you add your non-german VAT number in Time & Bill.

The business extension does not yet have a price since it is in early stage.

How many team extensions do I need?

To track times you only need the free version. In example, a team with 5 members could easily work with only one team extension, if the one holding it is the only person who needs to see the teams reports.

Do I need a “controller”?

No, absolutely not. Controllers are persons who cannot change the team structure, but can look at the work times when they draft invoices. If you want to use the controllers in your setup, you need a team extension for every controller. However, in most cases you won’t need it, except you are running a really large organization.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes. We don’t have a subscription model. You can decide yourself how many credits you need. Your data will not be deleted after your active extension expires, except you ask us to do so.