The 10 Best Tips for Productivity

29 June 2017. By Maria (Time & Bill)

Would you like to manage more in less time? Then start to use your time in an effective way and thereby become more productive. These 10 tips to increase productivity will help you. Read more

The 5 best book suggestions for a better productivity

13 June 2017. By Maria (Time & Bill)

Would you like to be more productive, but you do not know how you can do it? There are numerous books which can help you. I give you my 5 personal book suggestions for more productivity. Read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Record Your Working Hours

10 May 2017. By Maria (Time & Bill)

Tracking worktime is boring, right? Why should you do that? There are a couple of reasons actually. More than just your Boss, writing invoices or other regulations. It's about working aware and setting goals. Read more

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