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We are available to help you on any issues you might experience. Feel free to contact us by either:

  • Skype: timeandbill
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  • Landline number: +4981913318186

Frequently asked questions

About our service

Why is the base variant of Time & Bill free?

An app which is needed by many people should be free. The developers of Time & Bill are committed to the Open Source community, which is also reflected in our pricing model.

Where is my data stored?

Time & Bill runs in the cloud and is installed on virtual servers from Amazon (Ireland). This is where your data is.

I want a customized Time & Bill- is it possible?

Yes - please contact us. We have a high interest in bringing Time & Bill to your company and good ideas to the cloud version.


How can I cancel my account?

Please contact us by email if you would like to cancel. We we will delete the account in full as soon as possible.

Can I delete my data?

Yes, at any time. You can delete all projects, tasks, and work time. The data will disappear in full from our system and cannot be recovered anymore. Before you delete it, you can export your data to Excel. As a service provider we are not interested in keeping your data against your will.

Please note that you might not be able to delete your data if other team members have the role of a “team leader”. If you run into this case, please feel free to contact us.

What will you do with my data?

We will not give your data to any third parties. We will not give away any information about your customers or your working times.

We perform technical analysis of the stored data to optimize our system. For example, we might check how many users are actively using our service and how many projects they are running on average. This analysis will be used to improve our service and will not be connected to your name.

Do you give my personal data to my boss?

No. You decide to whom you give your data.


Can I pay by credit card or in cash?

At the moment we only support Paypal. Paypal allows credit card payments.

Can I get my money back?

If you are not happy with our service you can get your money back for unused credits. Credits which have been used to activate a module cannot be refunded. If you are unsure, we recommend to activate modules for a short time period first.

Can I test Time & Bill for free?

Time & Bill is free in the base version. If you want to test the Team-Module for free as well, just write us an e-mail and we will add some credits as soon as possible.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes. Please click in the upper-right corner on your email adress, choose “Credit Statement”, and click “Invoice”. You’ll receive an invoice in PDF format which you can open with the free PDF-Reader Adobe Acrobat (or most other PDF viewers).