Dear Time & Bill Users,

I regret to inform you that Time & Bill will cease operations by the end of 2023. T he product will transition to an Open Source platform.

A Look Back

Founded in 2011 as a personal tool, Time & Bill grew to 26,000 user accounts. Though it never became my livelihood, it has been a rewarding journey, and I thank you for making me an “expert in time tracking.”

Why This Decision?

The evolving software industry, increased regulations like GDPR, CRA, and NIS2, and challenges such as COVID, the Russian invasion, and inflation have made it difficult to sustain the service. Your requests for features deserve attention, but the current environment has made it nearly impossible for me to continue.

Shutting Down

I’ve explored overhauling the UI and adapting to regulations, but the effort required is beyond my capacity. Therefore, I will shut down this service by the end of this year.

Transition to Open Source

The system will be available on GitHub, free to install on your machines. I hope a community will emerge to continue building this privacy-friendly, enterprise-ready product.

Credits and Refunds

Please refrain from buying more credits. Contact for credits or refunds.


After shutting down, all data will be deleted, except legally required records.

Thank You

Your support has meant the world to me. I hope this change doesn’t cause too much inconvenience, and I wish you all the best in finding a suitable replacement.

Take care, Christian Grobmeier